The Best Portraits of 2015


At the beginning of 2015 I decided that my Instagram account was switched from personal to photography photos. I am actually not a professional photographer. Taking photos is only one of my favourite hobbies. Although I am a graphic designer and illustrator, the concepts I come up with turn into the real photographs. I usually take photos of my friends I am comfortable with. I’m rarely called to take photos for others. I don’t mind to volunteer, but sometimes I don’t accept. I’d love to face the hard challenges which they pick their favourite places and I have to tell what they would pose. So, I can’t wait to see how the photographs would get better in 2016.

The best portraits have been selected.

IMG_8525 IMG_8538 IMG_8864-copyIMG_8981-copyIMG_9232IMG_9278-copy IMG_9415IMG_9552IMG_9636IMG_9659-EditIMG_1311IMG_1735_copyIMG_1954IMG_2114IMG_2137

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