O’ahu 2017


I visited Honolulu for the second time as the wedding of Ate Cocoon and Kuya Jap came. My stay was a couple of weeks with my parents and I spent more time with Ate Cocoon and Kuya Jap for a week. Therefore, we got to visit some areas we haven’t been to. I also commuted on my own and met a friend of mine. And, I accompanied my relatives to entertaining places, beaches, and hiking trails.

On the wedding day, I had been busy coping decorations and photographs despite the rain. It, however, went so stunning! The couple made the best moment I have ever had in my life.

Here are my favourite fascinating and natural photos. No need to take pictures of people standing and smiling all the time.

2017-04-16 18.02.16.jpgIMG_0570.jpgIMG_0634.jpgIMG_0675IMG_0678IMG_0696.jpgIMG_0705.jpgIMG_0719.jpgIMG_0724-2.jpg2017-04-18 13.44.40.jpgIMG_0735.jpgIMG_0818.jpgIMG_0821.jpgIMG_0822.jpgIMG_0850.jpgIMG_0872-Edit.jpg2017-04-19 08.11.10.jpgIMG_0923.jpgIMG_0928.jpgIMG_0945.jpgIMG_0953.jpgIMG_0969.jpg2017-04-19 18.54.16.jpg2017-04-19 20.17.00.jpgIMG_1113-2.jpgIMG_1154.jpgIMG_1202-2.jpgIMG_1214-2.jpgIMG_1224-2.jpgIMG_1231-2.jpgIMG_1240-2.jpgIMG_1328.jpg2017-04-21 08.22.02-2.jpgIMG_1381.jpgIMG_1400.jpgIMG_1427.jpgIMG_1456.jpgIMG_1506.jpgIMG_1528.jpgIMG_1536.jpgIMG_1547.jpgIMG_1550.jpgIMG_1566.jpgIMG_1610.jpgIMG_1615.jpgIMG_1648.jpgIMG_1659.jpgIMG_1363IMG_1719.jpgIMG_1720.jpg2017-04-23 10.18.01-2.jpg2017-04-23 18.26.03.jpg2017-04-23 18.28.50.jpg2017-04-25 09.47.14.jpg2017-04-25 10.26.50.jpg2017-04-25 18.57.02.jpgIMG_1807.jpgIMG_1824.jpgIMG_1886.jpgIMG_2001.jpgIMG_1934.jpgIMG_1938.jpgIMG_1973.jpgIMG_2003.jpgIMG_2035-2.jpgIMG_2062-2.jpgIMG_2093-2.jpgIMG_2098-2.jpgIMG_2110-2.jpgIMG_2132-2.jpgIMG_2140-2.jpgIMG_2190.jpgIMG_2230-2.jpgIMG_2232-2.jpg2017-04-29 11.51.58.jpgGOPR3845.jpg00000IMG_00000_BURST20170501033919.jpg

One thought on “O’ahu 2017

  1. Astounding photos, as always, Enteng bunso!!! Each one tells its own story. Keep weaving your novels through pictures, and i will keep devouring them with gusto. Such a feast for the senses. Sooo proud of you 😘

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