Manning Park


It was such a wonderful week I have camped in Manning Park with a group of my great friends.

We decided to stay for 8 nights rather than just “weekend”. We discussed by collecting camping equipment, food, and activities. Two sedan cars were almost full even though we are only 6 people. It was so close! The stuff would pop out when opening a trunk. Haha!

So, there is no cell service at the campsite. No electricity and no phone addiction. The nights are so chilly. However, something wrong came up in that time. There was smoke from a wildfire. It was hazy some days. Oh well… but we still enjoyed our camp and outdoor activities such as playing cards, hiking, swimming, and more.

In fact, I grew up wanting to camp until I finally did it this year! I learned a lot from camping and great friends. It was such a great camp experience! It marked off my bucket list! But still want to do it again. Beach? Backpacking? Let’s see… Haha!

The photos were taken with my film cameras.
(Nikon F3 – Kodak Ultramax 400 & Olympus XA3 – 400 pushed to 800)


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