Catfe is Vancouver’s first cat cafe which opened on December 14, 2015. It is a part cafe, part foster home for cats, and a community gathering space for cat lovers of Vancouver in need of some quality kitty time.

They proudly serve their favourite local roasters Moja Coffee and Silk Road Tea from Victoria with a light lunch menu including Tartine quiches, vegetarian soups, savory pastries and cat-themed treats. Their menu includes vegan and gluten-free options.

As for booking a reservation, doing it immediately is recommended. Many reservations are fully booked all the time and even in two months. Catfe visits are for only one hour. If there are no appointment available for the day you want to visit, they release walk-in spots on the day of. It depends on how many available spots they have. Sometimes some reservations are cancelled.

There is great news. More than 40 cats have been adopted in 4 months. They are happy to live with their families!

Waiting in almost 2 months was over after booking two reservations for 4 guests. We were so excited about seeing the fluffy cats!

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DeaFined Restaurant


DeaFined Restaurant permanently closed on November 26, 2015 due to financial issue and this place between the grocery stores wasn’t good because of the distraction. It was sad news.

Deafined, a new Deaf-dining concept restaurant in Vancouver opened on May 7th of 2015. It was the second Canadian restaurant which is staffed with Deaf and Hard of Hearing waitstaff. They served the guests using American Sign Language.

I just went there a couple of times. The atmosphere and the decorations are totally cozy and neat. The first visit was that I ordered Lamb Burger. It was so delicious. Batata was, too! Then, the second visit I ordered Mediterranean ratatouille. It was the amazing taste and healthy!

2015-11-26 19.02.080030_7A2015-07-11 13.42.210031_6A0032_5A2015-07-11 14.10.51-12015-07-11 14.502015-11-26 19.08.442015-11-26 19.49.002015-11-26 19.59.13

Jules French Bistro


Jules French Bistro is French restaurant in Gastown which is a national historic site in Vancouver. French food is more delicious than you think. The atmosphere is totally cozy and the decorate wall is old-fashioned and magnificent. The service is pretty well-done and friendly; nevertheless, I understand the waitress/waiters don’t get used to communicating with Deaf people who order exact food. But they have some patience to do their best.

After work, my friends and I took a walk to Jules French Bistro with two visitors from the Philippines. We ordered food. After ordering, French breads and butters were provided with no charge. I didn’t order an appetizer and dessert. I didn’t want to be full if my main dish I ordered was huge. It was just a good idea that I ate French bread. It was relaxing for me and I spent more time to have a conversation.

I wish I could have more food pictures but I got a lot of distractions – staring at food and busy conversation. haha

2014-11-10 20.36 2014-11-10 20.37 2014-11-10 21.11 2014-11-10 20.36.19 2014-11-10 19.34

I ordered Ribeye steak with French fries and mushroom sauce. It’s so flawless!

2014-11-10 19.38.19 2014-11-10 19.54 2014-11-10 21.15

Japanese Festival


Matsuri is the Japanese word for a festival or holiday. In fact, there are a ton of events in Japan. My Japanese friend explained about his experiences.

I missed a huge event in Downtown Vancouver, so there was another one in Nikkei Matsuri in Burnaby. They usually hold the event in the last week of August. I have never been in Japanese festival in my life. I always wanted to see as there are a lot of interesting things.

My friends and I went to Nikkei Matsuri after a church. It’s just two blocks away from there. Some food and stuff I haven’t seen are cool. I wish I could take more photos, yet I got distracted by a performance and crowd. haha

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Okonomiyaki is so delicious! It is a savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients.

2014-08-31 12.36.39-2
Takosen is also good.  There are takoyaki balls squashed onto a cracker (senbei).

For the first time, I played Japanese games – water balloon and ball scoop (instead of fish).

I picked a balloon, using a piece of tissue paper attached to a paperclip hook. But the paper will break easily when it’s wet. I got one balloon! The paper broke after I tried to get second one. Then, the ball scoop is next. I scooped rubber balls with a thin paper scoop and put them in a bowl. I broke the scoop a few times because I was excited and moved so fast! The volunteers suggested me to scoop slowly. haha! This was so much fun!

Next year, I will visit the huge event If I can or I would miss it.

Mongolian BBQ


During sunny day, I headed to Burrard Skytrain Station to meet my buddy, Carlo after work. At Robson St. and Bute St., we tried to find a store which it sells macaron. However, it’s not found. We decided to go to Mongolian restaurant  instead. I haven’t been in this restaurant yet.

I don’t declare the name of this restaurant. I understand there are many Mongolian restaurants in the Lower mainland, British Columbia.
2014-05-23 18.27 2014-05-23 18.26At first, I ordered a group of salad, main dish, and soup. I went to grab a small plate for salad, picked stuff, and put the plate on our table.2014-05-23 18.26.40Then, coming back to here. Grabbing a big plate and picking what you like to eat.
2014-05-23 17.40Oh, is it full for me? No, you will see the last picture.
2014-05-23 18.26.50 2014-05-23 17.53It’s lucky for me. This dish fits the size of my stomach. haha!

Donair Land


Donair Land is only the one Greek restaurant where is located at Vanness Avenue beside to Joyce Skytrain Station. Greek food is so delicious! The service is friendly, especially the owner who knows sign language. The atmosphere is relaxing and the decoration is not really dull.. it’s definitely fascinating!

I used to go there more than 5 times. I always focus on ordering the platters more than other food. I can’t help it! It’s because the dishes are bigger and the prices are perfect. My stomach is ecstatic! haha!

IMG_8101IMG_8100IMG_8094 IMG_8093Lamb Platter, including pita bread, hummus, and salad