Enchant 2016: Vancouver Christmas Light Maze & Market


Enchant 2016, the world’s largest Christmas Light Maze finally came to Vancouver. It’s located at 1st & Crowe St (close to Olympic Village station). There are 55,000 square feet of illuminated sculptures along the light maze, over 40 local vendors at the holiday market, an outdoor pit fire, a variety of food trucks, as well as a licensed eating area where adults enjoy their favourite beverages.

Tickets cost $20 for adults and they also provide different ticket types for children, family, and seniors. Ordering online ticket immediately is recommended or they will be sold out fast.

Dress accordingly to the weather. The nights are obviously freezing and some areas are wet when it rains.





























Hopefully, Enchant will come back again! I’ll be looking forward to taking more better photos when it’s not too crowded.

Instameet Vancouver

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It’s my first-time Instameet in Vancouver at 11th Worldwide Instameet. All instagrammers gathered at YVR airport. All of them are awesome at taking photos, especially their unique styles. I made a few new friends and they are cool! We all followed each other in Instagram.


Here are amazing photos in #instameetvancouver.

The next event will be in May. I’m going to attend or else I can’t make it to a very far place. Nonetheless, it is exciting.

Nikon EM

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It seems like I am a camera hoarder. haha! Nope, photography is just my hobby. The photos intend to be great moments!

The history of photography on Youtube is very interesting! I checked Craigslist website. I found Canon AE-1. I heard it’s good and popular; however, I am considered about it. It won’t work without a battery. The battery will drain fast during the cold temperature (winter). Then, Nikon EM was found! It also has a couple of batteries, yet it still works without them! I met a seller and finally bought the camera!

I tried the first roll of 800 ISO film. I realized I didn’t properly load the film in the camera before the pictures got exposed. It means I shot all in one frame. My mistake. haha! I tried the second roll. It worked!

I was a bit nervous about 800 ISO as it gets exposed quickly. But at least, I have already set up “auto” mode with the camera. After developing the film, I learned a few pictures are blank and dark because of the lower brightness (not exposed enough). I was lucky! I did take many photos in the dark places. I didn’t get the first film developed yet. Whew~ See the pictures.

Closed-Captioning Glasses Helps Deaf Watch The Movies


Well, I am in Texas for Christmas vacation. My sister’s family and I went to Gateway Cinema IMAX to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1. I told them to get a closed-captaining device for me. One new thing what I got is Sony closed-captioning glasses. It was my first-time experience.

What did I think about Sony glasses after the movie was over? The glasses is really amazing I have ever experienced. If I turn my head around, I can still read texts in front of my eyes. I didn’t miss parts of what they say.

I have my own negative opinion which is only “very little”. I have to adjust the glasses between my nose until I can read comfortably. But actually, everything seems fine and smoother. I won’t be happy without Sony glasses!

Does Sony glasses have the settings? Yes, it has two settings – viewing distances for captioned texts and brightness.

Other thing, I experienced a previous device for the first time. It’s called CaptiView. It was quite good, yet there are two problems. The adjustable arm is not strong enough. ( Every time I put up the viewable device which I can see clearly, it keeps on going down and I can’t see.) And, whenever I read the captained text, I looked up the movie screen. Sometimes I missed a few scenes because of the distraction. But at least, this device is useful.

Anyway, I strongly wish Sony glasses would be provided in Vancouver cinemas. Therefore, I would go out to the movies with my friends.

Flying Alone

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I booked a flight to Austin, Texas on December 18, 2014 until January 3, 2015. For the first time, I rode in the airplane without my family. It’s good for gaining experiences and improving independence.

Of course, I went to the Philippines with my father in 2013 and I was the one who was responsible for helping him, such as offering him a seat, asking him what airline meal he wanted, etc. I learned some. However, it was not enough for me as he talked to somebody to help us and I missed something.

With my sister, we went to Hawaii in Summer 2014. She was way too fast to get tickets and to arrive the gates. I missed something and got many distractions as she tapped my shoulder all the time.

How did I feel while I travelled alone? I guess I felt much better without my family as I am focused and alert. I like to figure out on my own. I don’t care if the workers at the airport are awkward whenever I said I am Deaf. It helps them to know and to do their best. I can use gestures, anyway. Was everything fine when I arrived Texas from Vancouver? Yes, it was all good. No problem!

It’s about hearing aids. Some Deaf people don’t need hearing aids and they can use gestures and write forth and back. As for me, I wear them even though I don’t understand what they say. In fact, I didn’t want to wear them due to the noise, yet I have to. For the reason, I want to be alert whenever the announcements appear. The flight attendants notice my hearing aid and they use gestures and write a note for me. It’s nice of them.