Manning Park


It was such a wonderful week I have camped in Manning Park with a group of my great friends.

We decided to stay for 8 nights rather than just “weekend”. We discussed by collecting camping equipment, food, and activities. Two sedan cars were almost full even though we are only 6 people. It was so close! The stuff would pop out when opening a trunk. Haha!

So, there is no cell service at the campsite. No electricity and no phone addiction. The nights are so chilly. However, something wrong came up in that time. There was smoke from a wildfire. It was hazy some days. Oh well… but we still enjoyed our camp and outdoor activities such as playing cards, hiking, swimming, and more.

In fact, I grew up wanting to camp until I finally did it this year! I learned a lot from camping and great friends. It was such a great camp experience! It marked off my bucket list! But still want to do it again. Beach? Backpacking? Let’s see… Haha!

The photos were taken with my film cameras.
(Nikon F3 – Kodak Ultramax 400 & Olympus XA3 – 400 pushed to 800)


The Cinematic Photographs of 2017


It’s time to say goodbye to 2017. I can’t believe how much I spent time in the year. So, there is something different I found out since I got new toys — camera, phone, and lens. My new skill has been discovered. I recently notice that I produced photos which seemingly comes from films. I capture what I see while I am on the run. I don’t actually check the pictures after. See a good scene unexpectedly, pick up my phone, open the camera, shoot, turn off the screen and put the phone in my pocket. That’s all. It’s a miracle.

IMG_9344IMG_9502-EditIMG_9578IMG_9755-22017-04-16 18.02.16IMG_0593IMG_0634IMG_0663IMG_0675-2IMG_0678IMG_0696-2IMG_0821IMG_0953IMG_1214-3IMG_1381IMG_1456-22017-04-25 18.57.02IMG_1807IMG_1973IMG_2093-3IMG_2110-3IMG_2232-3IMG_2543IMG_2898IMG_3010IMG_3025IMG_3103IMG_40232017-08-09 16.00.422017-09-16 16.43.042017-10-29 12.09.10IMG_5347IMG_5595IMG_5673

Rope Runner Aerial Park – OPEN NOW


Rope Runner is the newest activity, which is located next to Squamish Adventure Centre. The structure, standing 17 metres high and 20 metres in diameter, is built of steel, wood, ropes, and wire. There are 49 games where people of all ages can run the ropes. Up to 60 people can play on the structure at any given time. You can pre-book their session so you won’t have to wait in line. Each session lasts 2 hours and no experience is necessary.

Admission for online rate starts at $44 for adult, $40 for youth between 13 and 18, and $34 for child. Walk-in starts at $49 for adults, $45 for youth and $39 for child. For groups, check Ticket Prices.

For those who have acrophobia (fear of the heights), NO WORRIES! You will be 100% safe. The guides will help and instruct you with harnesses. The carabiners are automatically locked so that you won’t fall down for sure.

For photos, carrying phones and any kinds of cameras are banned due to the safety.
[I hid my phone in my pocket but I was caught. My bad. So don’t do that. haha!]

2017-09-01 15.27.09.jpg

2017-09-01 15.26.57.jpg

2017-09-01 15.27.23.jpg

2017-09-01 15.23.45

2017-09-01 13.47.30.jpg


2017-09-01 13.52.57.jpg


2017-09-01 15.22.06.jpg

Joffre Lakes


Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is one of the most breathtaking lakes in British Columbia. It is located 35 km to the east of Pemberton and consists of a hike to 3 lakes, which are labelled as Lower, Middle, and Upper Lakes. There are 25 small gravel campsites available for campers at the south of Upper Lakes. However, campfires are prohibited throughout a year.

Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 4 hours
Round trip: 10 km
Elevation Gain: 370 meters
Season: June to September
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Camping: Yes
Cellular Service: No
Public Transit: No
Drive from Downtown Vancouver: 3 hours

IMG_2810.jpgDSCF0018.jpg2017-06-05 12.38.53.jpgIMG_2818.jpgIMG_2898.jpgIMG_2922.jpgIMG_2927.jpgIMG_2951.jpgIMG_2953.jpgIMG_2987.jpgIMG_3006.jpgIMG_3008.jpgIMG_3010.jpgDSCF0154.jpgIMG_3017.jpgIMG_3025.jpgIMG_3035.jpg2017-06-05 15.57.24.jpgDSCF0169.jpgIMG_3103.jpgIMG_3123.jpgIMG_3127.jpgIMG_3130.jpgIMG_3133.jpgIMG_3142.jpg

PlayDome Indoor Carnival


PlayDome is Western Canadian’s largest indoor carnival, which makes it return to BC Place for spring break 2017. It features over 45 rides and attractions, including the Tornado, Alien Abduction, and Mini Jets. Also, there are the carnival games and food as no outside food. PlayDome is the perfect activity for high-energy kids or adults who are young at heart.




















Bowen Lookout


Bowen Lookout is located in Cypress Provincial Park, West Vancouver. It provides a great view of Bowen Island and Howe Sound.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 2 hours
Round trip: 2 km
Elevation Gain: 100 meters
Season: year round
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Cellular Service: Yes
Public Transit: No
Drive from Downtown Vancouver: 30 Minutes

For snowshoeing, the Backcountry Access Corridor tags/waivers are required in order to access Cypress Mountain. The bright yellow tags are available at the Brown Bag Room at Black Mountain Lodge (old day lodge). The tagholders are not permitted to enter any part of Ski area other than the Backcountry Access Corridor.