Closed-Captioning Glasses Helps Deaf Watch The Movies


Well, I am in Texas for Christmas vacation. My sister’s family and I went to Gateway Cinema IMAX to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1. I told them to get a closed-captaining device for me. One new thing what I got is Sony closed-captioning glasses. It was my first-time experience.

What did I think about Sony glasses after the movie was over? The glasses is really amazing I have ever experienced. If I turn my head around, I can still read texts in front of my eyes. I didn’t miss parts of what they say.

I have my own negative opinion which is only “very little”. I have to adjust the glasses between my nose until I can read comfortably. But actually, everything seems fine and smoother. I won’t be happy without Sony glasses!

Does Sony glasses have the settings? Yes, it has two settings – viewing distances for captioned texts and brightness.

Other thing, I experienced a previous device for the first time. It’s called CaptiView. It was quite good, yet there are two problems. The adjustable arm is not strong enough. ( Every time I put up the viewable device which I can see clearly, it keeps on going down and I can’t see.) And, whenever I read the captained text, I looked up the movie screen. Sometimes I missed a few scenes because of the distraction. But at least, this device is useful.

Anyway, I strongly wish Sony glasses would be provided in Vancouver cinemas. Therefore, I would go out to the movies with my friends.