Manning Park


It was such a wonderful week I have camped in Manning Park with a group of my great friends.

We decided to stay for 8 nights rather than just “weekend”. We discussed by collecting camping equipment, food, and activities. Two sedan cars were almost full even though we are only 6 people. It was so close! The stuff would pop out when opening a trunk. Haha!

So, there is no cell service at the campsite. No electricity and no phone addiction. The nights are so chilly. However, something wrong came up in that time. There was smoke from a wildfire. It was hazy some days. Oh well… but we still enjoyed our camp and outdoor activities such as playing cards, hiking, swimming, and more.

In fact, I grew up wanting to camp until I finally did it this year! I learned a lot from camping and great friends. It was such a great camp experience! It marked off my bucket list! But still want to do it again. Beach? Backpacking? Let’s see… Haha!

The photos were taken with my film cameras.
(Nikon F3 – Kodak Ultramax 400 & Olympus XA3 – 400 pushed to 800)


Classic Portraits


Here are 12 portrait photos taken using my Nikon EM with 800 ISO film. I made a little mistake because to bad lighting. They look amazing, though. I particularly took photos of people and I told them to smile with their closing mouths. I notice a great deal of people excitedly smile with the selfie or portrait pictures nowadays. They take more than 100 pictures for a day. Some refused to show them with their deadpan looks. This is not like 20 or more years ago. They love the old-fashioned photos. They only have a few perfect ones unlike the present.

These people I took the photos of are unique. Don’t matter how serious or happy they look with their natural smiles. Their looks are beautiful and handsome.

How to get 35mm film out of its canister


Well, I accidentally rewinded the first roll of 800 ISO after loading it in Nikon EM. I thought I would toss the roll or just keep it for my treasure. Nonetheless, there is something lucky I found on the Internet. I successfully got film out of its canister!




First, you have to rewind the roll until it is smooth. Then, put the blank film in the canister deeply just like half inch. Lastly, rewind it until it gets stuck. If it doesn’t work, take the blank film out and put it again. Rewind it. See the GIF.


See how I can get the film out of its canister! Whooo!

Brighter moments


I tried the first roll of 100 ISO with Nikon EM. That ISO requires bright light just like outdoor on a sunny day. I mostly took photos of people and objects with the direct sunlight. The undeveloped film has been over a month until it was finally done! I can’t believe how much patience I had. haha!

As for the previous rolls, the images didn’t get burned in DVD as I didn’t know about new tech things. I decided to tell the customer service to burn DVD and to print photos. Once developing, I was slightly surprised by how bright all of the pictures are! Different kinds of ISO totally confused me, yet at least, I learned this already. Next time, when the rolls get done I will order DVD instead of the prints. I won’t get a stack of photos. haha! Of course, I can get prints for decorations.

Nikon EM

Life, Photographs

It seems like I am a camera hoarder. haha! Nope, photography is just my hobby. The photos intend to be great moments!

The history of photography on Youtube is very interesting! I checked Craigslist website. I found Canon AE-1. I heard it’s good and popular; however, I am considered about it. It won’t work without a battery. The battery will drain fast during the cold temperature (winter). Then, Nikon EM was found! It also has a couple of batteries, yet it still works without them! I met a seller and finally bought the camera!

I tried the first roll of 800 ISO film. I realized I didn’t properly load the film in the camera before the pictures got exposed. It means I shot all in one frame. My mistake. haha! I tried the second roll. It worked!

I was a bit nervous about 800 ISO as it gets exposed quickly. But at least, I have already set up “auto” mode with the camera. After developing the film, I learned a few pictures are blank and dark because of the lower brightness (not exposed enough). I was lucky! I did take many photos in the dark places. I didn’t get the first film developed yet. Whew~ See the pictures.