Philippines 2018 – Part 2


The second part is here! I was on trips with different groups. Group travel was challenging for me because of an individual’s unique personality and preference. I am a risk taker and a very active person. I just realized that they are more like “city life”. They don’t have hiking experiences so I brought a little emergency kit for them. However, this taught me and I probably got to the next level of team leadership. lol

Part 2 of 2: More adventurous photos056057058059060061062063064065066067068069070071072073074075076077078079080081082083084085086087088089090091092093094095096097098099100101102103104105106107108109110

The End

Philippines 2018 – Part 1


My Philippine trip was such amazing I have had in 2018 but I missed a few attractions due to bad weather. I, however, really enjoyed the trip.

The reasons why I wanted to visit the Philippines again are to spend Christmas time with my family and to learn more about geography & indigenous people of the Philippines. My stay was for 5 weeks. I was a solo traveller for a few days. I hanged out with my family and went on trips with my friends. I had the places and activities on my bucket list. These were marked off successfully.

Part 1 of 2: The photos are like my favourite valuable memories.


The Cinematic Photographs of 2017


It’s time to say goodbye to 2017. I can’t believe how much I spent time in the year. So, there is something different I found out since I got new toys — camera, phone, and lens. My new skill has been discovered. I recently notice that I produced photos which seemingly comes from films. I capture what I see while I am on the run. I don’t actually check the pictures after. See a good scene unexpectedly, pick up my phone, open the camera, shoot, turn off the screen and put the phone in my pocket. That’s all. It’s a miracle.

IMG_9344IMG_9502-EditIMG_9578IMG_9755-22017-04-16 18.02.16IMG_0593IMG_0634IMG_0663IMG_0675-2IMG_0678IMG_0696-2IMG_0821IMG_0953IMG_1214-3IMG_1381IMG_1456-22017-04-25 18.57.02IMG_1807IMG_1973IMG_2093-3IMG_2110-3IMG_2232-3IMG_2543IMG_2898IMG_3010IMG_3025IMG_3103IMG_40232017-08-09 16.00.422017-09-16 16.43.042017-10-29 12.09.10IMG_5347IMG_5595IMG_5673

Joffre Lakes


Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is one of the most breathtaking lakes in British Columbia. It is located 35 km to the east of Pemberton and consists of a hike to 3 lakes, which are labelled as Lower, Middle, and Upper Lakes. There are 25 small gravel campsites available for campers at the south of Upper Lakes. However, campfires are prohibited throughout a year.

Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 4 hours
Round trip: 10 km
Elevation Gain: 370 meters
Season: June to September
Dog-Friendly: Yes
Camping: Yes
Cellular Service: No
Public Transit: No
Drive from Downtown Vancouver: 3 hours

IMG_2810.jpgDSCF0018.jpg2017-06-05 12.38.53.jpgIMG_2818.jpgIMG_2898.jpgIMG_2922.jpgIMG_2927.jpgIMG_2951.jpgIMG_2953.jpgIMG_2987.jpgIMG_3006.jpgIMG_3008.jpgIMG_3010.jpgDSCF0154.jpgIMG_3017.jpgIMG_3025.jpgIMG_3035.jpg2017-06-05 15.57.24.jpgDSCF0169.jpgIMG_3103.jpgIMG_3123.jpgIMG_3127.jpgIMG_3130.jpgIMG_3133.jpgIMG_3142.jpg

O’ahu 2017


I visited Honolulu for the second time as the wedding of Ate Cocoon and Kuya Jap came. My stay was a couple of weeks with my parents and I spent more time with Ate Cocoon and Kuya Jap for a week. Therefore, we got to visit some areas we haven’t been to. I also commuted on my own and met a friend of mine. And, I accompanied my relatives to entertaining places, beaches, and hiking trails.

On the wedding day, I had been busy coping decorations and photographs despite the rain. It, however, went so stunning! The couple made the best moment I have ever had in my life.

Here are my favourite fascinating and natural photos. No need to take pictures of people standing and smiling all the time.

2017-04-16 18.02.16.jpgIMG_0570.jpgIMG_0634.jpgIMG_0675IMG_0678IMG_0696.jpgIMG_0705.jpgIMG_0719.jpgIMG_0724-2.jpg2017-04-18 13.44.40.jpgIMG_0735.jpgIMG_0818.jpgIMG_0821.jpgIMG_0822.jpgIMG_0850.jpgIMG_0872-Edit.jpg2017-04-19 08.11.10.jpgIMG_0923.jpgIMG_0928.jpgIMG_0945.jpgIMG_0953.jpgIMG_0969.jpg2017-04-19 18.54.16.jpg2017-04-19 20.17.00.jpgIMG_1113-2.jpgIMG_1154.jpgIMG_1202-2.jpgIMG_1214-2.jpgIMG_1224-2.jpgIMG_1231-2.jpgIMG_1240-2.jpgIMG_1328.jpg2017-04-21 08.22.02-2.jpgIMG_1381.jpgIMG_1400.jpgIMG_1427.jpgIMG_1456.jpgIMG_1506.jpgIMG_1528.jpgIMG_1536.jpgIMG_1547.jpgIMG_1550.jpgIMG_1566.jpgIMG_1610.jpgIMG_1615.jpgIMG_1648.jpgIMG_1659.jpgIMG_1363IMG_1719.jpgIMG_1720.jpg2017-04-23 10.18.01-2.jpg2017-04-23 18.26.03.jpg2017-04-23 18.28.50.jpg2017-04-25 09.47.14.jpg2017-04-25 10.26.50.jpg2017-04-25 18.57.02.jpgIMG_1807.jpgIMG_1824.jpgIMG_1886.jpgIMG_2001.jpgIMG_1934.jpgIMG_1938.jpgIMG_1973.jpgIMG_2003.jpgIMG_2035-2.jpgIMG_2062-2.jpgIMG_2093-2.jpgIMG_2098-2.jpgIMG_2110-2.jpgIMG_2132-2.jpgIMG_2140-2.jpgIMG_2190.jpgIMG_2230-2.jpgIMG_2232-2.jpg2017-04-29 11.51.58.jpgGOPR3845.jpg00000IMG_00000_BURST20170501033919.jpg

PlayDome Indoor Carnival


PlayDome is Western Canadian’s largest indoor carnival, which makes it return to BC Place for spring break 2017. It features over 45 rides and attractions, including the Tornado, Alien Abduction, and Mini Jets. Also, there are the carnival games and food as no outside food. PlayDome is the perfect activity for high-energy kids or adults who are young at heart.