Philippines 2018 – Part 2


The second part is here! I was on trips with different groups. Group travel was challenging for me because of an individual’s unique personality and preference. I am a risk taker and a very active person. I just realized that they are more like “city life”. They don’t have hiking experiences so I brought a little emergency kit for them. However, this taught me and I probably got to the next level of team leadership. lol

Part 2 of 2: More adventurous photos056057058059060061062063064065066067068069070071072073074075076077078079080081082083084085086087088089090091092093094095096097098099100101102103104105106107108109110

The End

Philippines 2018 – Part 1


My Philippine trip was such amazing I have had in 2018 but I missed a few attractions due to bad weather. I, however, really enjoyed the trip.

The reasons why I wanted to visit the Philippines again are to spend Christmas time with my family and to learn more about geography & indigenous people of the Philippines. My stay was for 5 weeks. I was a solo traveller for a few days. I hanged out with my family and went on trips with my friends. I had the places and activities on my bucket list. These were marked off successfully.

Part 1 of 2: The photos are like my favourite valuable memories.




Since I have been waiting for a holiday (Victoria Day), the long weekend finally come! I was excited about going on a road trip to Seattle with my buddies. Going to Canada and US border was the first time I had. I brought my passport, US cash, DSLR camera and especially a disposable camera (yay!).

Here are the pictures from iPhone 6, DSLR and disposable cameras. These are cool, though.2015-05-17 11.10.35-1

We have been stuck in traffic for an hour due to the long line. I was a bit worried about interviews. However, the questions are simpler than I thought. It’s just about where & why we want to go, how much US cash we have, and illegal items such as plants and alcohols. The answers went well.

IMG_95260001_25A 0002_24A 0003_23A

After a long way, we finally arrived at Seattle Premium Outlets. It is a large shopping mall. I thought we would go to Seattle but I was wrong. I didn’t know anything about Seattle. It’s far away from the mall. I bet we seemed to have no time to go there after.


Shopping all day. It was so exhausting. I wish I could take more pictures in the mall, yet I was busy shopping. haha! We went to Walmart. Some of my buddies bought something and we just had a chill in McDonald.

0007_19A 0008_18A

It was time to head back to home. Playing some pictures killed our boredem.0009_17A 0010_16A 0011_15A 0012_14A 0013_13A0014_12AIMG_95422015-05-17 20.42.49-20016_10A