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It seems like I am a camera hoarder. haha! Nope, photography is just my hobby. The photos intend to be great moments!

The history of photography on Youtube is very interesting! I checked Craigslist website. I found Canon AE-1. I heard it’s good and popular; however, I am considered about it. It won’t work without a battery. The battery will drain fast during the cold temperature (winter). Then, Nikon EM was found! It also has a couple of batteries, yet it still works without them! I met a seller and finally bought the camera!

I tried the first roll of 800 ISO film. I realized I didn’t properly load the film in the camera before the pictures got exposed. It means I shot all in one frame. My mistake. haha! I tried the second roll. It worked!

I was a bit nervous about 800 ISO as it gets exposed quickly. But at least, I have already set up “auto” mode with the camera. After developing the film, I learned a few pictures are blank and dark because of the lower brightness (not exposed enough). I was lucky! I did take many photos in the dark places. I didn’t get the first film developed yet. Whew~ See the pictures.

Konstruktor DIY 35mm SLR Camera


For this year, I wanted to try something new. It’s a film camera. I first saw film photos on Instagram. I couldn’t stop viewing them. I never knew how film camera works. I, of course, used to have a film camera (owned by my family) a long time ago; nevertheless, it was simple and automatic. I currently have DSLR cameras.

I have been searching for DIY film camera until I finally ordered Konstruktor Super Kit from Lomography website. I went to a superstore to buy film rolls. Yet, I realized the photo laboratory in the store and some places shut down already. I was supposed to buy lomography camera 3 years ago, but I was broke. haha! I purchased film rolls (Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35mm 3 packs) from Beau Photo Supplies.

The package arrived. Let’s get started to build! It took 2 hours as the instruction book is terrible.

2015-02-05 18.33.52 2015-02-05 18.34.53 2015-02-05 18.39.14 2015-02-05 18.57.54 2015-02-05 19.17.39 2015-02-05 19.32.28

I first pressed the shutter release and I was like, “Did I shake the camera? It has no screen!” After developing the film, I was very nervous as I thought the photos would be ruined. They come out nice, though.

Here is the first roll. I chose the good photos. (click to view the larger pictures)

Second roll

I will post another blog about other SLR camera and 800 ISO. It’s so exciting!