San Antonio, Texas


San Antonio is a popular tourist destination. There are some attractions — Alamo Mission, River Walk, and more. This place is more like 20th century. I admired the bricks with some buildings. And, I haven’t visited some places other than Alamo Mission and River Walk due to a big number of tourists.

This day was fully sunny and it was warm in the afternoon. I was mentally tired because of the bright walls and floors which were directed by the sun all day.

At River Walk, I was supposed to join River Tour but there was a long line of tourists. No time to wait for the boat. Instead, we took a walk along the banks of the river. Lined by bars, shops, and restaurants are on the streets. The aromas from the restaurants were so delicious! I ate taco salad and was so full! haha!

Houston, Texas


After Christmas day, we were headed to Houston. It takes 3 hours to reach there from Austin. People I noticed are more Asians in there than in Austin. And, it got a bit warm. My mind got blown!

We went to eat out for dinner. The place at Bellaire Boulevard contains a lot of Asian restaurants and stores, such as Chinese vases, Japanese stuff, and sort of Asian things.


In the morning, heading to Space Center Houston. After getting tickets for us, I asked my sister to go to the help desk. Since I noticed some tourists had headsets which they listened information with different languages, we wondered if they would offer closed captioning device. I caught something strange that a helper carried. We realized that I have to read a thicker binder that has a lot of information just like over 100 pages. I decided not to get it. I always wanted to make sure if a lecturer or theater is there or not.

By the way, science is my best friend. I always wanted to fly out of Earth when I was a kid. haha!

I forgot to take a picture of a board about Moondust. It has a mysterious smell of moondust. It smells like gunpowder but it’s worse than it.

Impacting metal things in zero gravity is stronger than inside Earth.

I didn’t realize there are many different space suits. I found it weird to see old kinds of fibers. I couldn’t take or post the pictures of space suits as they are so many and almost common. haha!

We went to tourist cars to see a rocket and there were 3 long lines of tourists. It would take about an hour or more. We decided to go to one of 3 lines which is less popular.

2014-12-27 14.32.46

This place is what astronauts are trained. They also have underwater training just like space. I guess it must be harder.

Going to the next place which is the spaceship. It was bad timing. The cold air suddenly came. I felt like I went to the cold room. And, the rain poured as well.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. This rocket called Saturn V is larger than I thought.

While raining hard, we almost got soaked. It was time to go home. I wish I could have more time to explore but at least, I had so much fun to learn about this place!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit another places in the next day because of the rain. So, we went to Jollibee for lunch before leaving for Austin. Jollibee still recognizes me! I am famous, aren’t I? haha!

Closed-Captioning Glasses Helps Deaf Watch The Movies


Well, I am in Texas for Christmas vacation. My sister’s family and I went to Gateway Cinema IMAX to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1. I told them to get a closed-captaining device for me. One new thing what I got is Sony closed-captioning glasses. It was my first-time experience.

What did I think about Sony glasses after the movie was over? The glasses is really amazing I have ever experienced. If I turn my head around, I can still read texts in front of my eyes. I didn’t miss parts of what they say.

I have my own negative opinion which is only “very little”. I have to adjust the glasses between my nose until I can read comfortably. But actually, everything seems fine and smoother. I won’t be happy without Sony glasses!

Does Sony glasses have the settings? Yes, it has two settings – viewing distances for captioned texts and brightness.

Other thing, I experienced a previous device for the first time. It’s called CaptiView. It was quite good, yet there are two problems. The adjustable arm is not strong enough. ( Every time I put up the viewable device which I can see clearly, it keeps on going down and I can’t see.) And, whenever I read the captained text, I looked up the movie screen. Sometimes I missed a few scenes because of the distraction. But at least, this device is useful.

Anyway, I strongly wish Sony glasses would be provided in Vancouver cinemas. Therefore, I would go out to the movies with my friends.

Fort Worth, Texas


Stockyard Street is a historic district that is located in Fort Worth, Texas. There are the mainly entertainments and shopping venues. Some people have cool cowboy outfits. This place is like the “Cowtown” in Fort Worth. I like how the buildings look old-fashioned. I am a fond of the red bricks and woods.

I found Mechanical rodeo bull near Stockyards Station. I surely wanted to try it. It was harder than I thought! I almost lost my balance due to my arm. Did I fall? Yes, I did. After this, I stood up and walked. My upper legs cramped. I should warm up first before riding. But at least, it was fun.


Dallas, Texas


Howdy! I got up after a few hours of sleep. It’s because my flight was delayed. We had hard time to land in Austin through the storm. We had to stay in Houston for about an hour so the storm was almost clear. Then, we flew to there. Oh again, it was hard until we finally landed! This was my first-time experience.

What first things did I see when I arrive? The roads are huge and a lot of vehicles are larger than the ones in Vancouver. Of course, I am small. haha!

My sister’s family and I were going to stay in Dallas for 2 nights. Driving from Austin to Dallas takes 3~4 hours. I never knew there are no mountains. The land is flat. And, I found it interesting to see some houses which look like barn houses.

2014-12-19 16.41.412014-12-19 14.20.08

In the halfway, we took break time to have snack in Collin Street Bakery.2014-12-020

After checking in a hotel, we had dinner and then going to Gaylord Texan Resort.2014-12-19 22.46.06

Next day, we went back to the hotel to visit “ICE”. Inside ICE is -12 degree. I couldn’t feel my face. It was hard to smile in the photos after a few minutes. I came up with my mind. I covered my cheeks with my hands until my face became warm. I could smile perfectly! haha!

There are 3 areas of snow tubing. They said I can slide 3 times per one mark. My wristband had 4 marks. It means I should slide 12 times?! OMG! In fact, I got only 2 marks as my back hurt. haha! It was so much fun.

Last day, heading to Reunion Tower to overlook..

Going back to Austin. I’ll post another blog about Forth Worth, Texas. (visiting there after ICE at Gaylord Texas Resort)

Austin, Texas


Travelling to Texas was my second trip in USA. It was the first time I have travelled alone. It was such a great experience! I was going to visit my elder sister’s family who lives in Texas. Before I was in Texas, I spent a lot of time to research the places which I wanted to visit. And though some are optional as those are very far and seasonal.

The first things I saw for the first time are large vehicles, the big street name signs, and wide highways. The ground is even. There are no mountains. And, I was confused by the weather. Some days are warm and cold. It’s such a roller coaster. I bet I was always complained about it as I hate being in dilemma about wearing clothes. haha!

As for people, I felt like I was surrounded by a big number of white/black people. They are more in Austin than Asians in Houston & San Antonio. I found it interesting to see black people comparing others in Vancouver. They have good outfits. There are not lots of black people in Vancouver. They have good-looking as well.

Food… BBQ is more than delicious! The aroma is like the heaven! I can’t eat without sauces! haha! Guess what? I have eaten scorpion rolls. I thought it was shrimp but it was a real scorpion. It tastes like a mixture of meatloaf and shrimp. It’s really good though!

The Salt Lick is an amazing restaurant. The aroma is so goood!

trail of light

Under large Christmas light. Looking up made me dizzy.

We went a Japanese restaurant for lunch. I realize that I quickly ordered some rolls without knowing what are inside the rolls. But scorpion rolls are so good!

2014-12-24 19.43.54

We drove around the places in Austin all day. There was a lucky place I found on the Internet. My elder sister’s family enjoyed “Hope Outdoor Gallery” which is full of graffiti. There are some artists spray painting the walls.

iFly Indoor Skydiving was so much fun! I flew higher than other people. I was a bit frightened! haha! I wish I could take a picture of my instructor with me but he was so busy. He is really great! By the way, my niece asked me how I learned so fast. I actually had no idea. At the same time, I only learned and watched people’s actions. That’s all.

Austin’s 360 Bridge and Convert Park at Mt. Bonnell