Abbotsford Tulip Festival


Abbotsford Tulip Festival is an outdoor event in Abbotsford, British Columbia. It’s hosted during April and May. There are 10 acres of stunning tulip fields.

My weeks have been busy. I almost forgot Tulip festival which had a few weeks left to close. I had a discussion with my friend Keanu who is a professional photographer. He was so eager about coming to the festival. I was asked to invite an instagrammer and a good model for the seats in his car – Carlo and Judy. I found it hard to set up a date due to the rainy weather. In the last weekend of the festival, we didn’t care for the light rain. It luckily happened to be partly cloudy and sunny.

We visited Fort Langley National Historic Site and to stroll around Langley before heading to the festival. Then, we went down to Mission Spring for early dinner. Food was like the heaven! The decoration is fascinating.

2016-04-29 12.58.jpg


2016-04-29 11.06.53.jpg

2016-04-29 11.07.30







Photo credit: Keanu Jang





2016-04-29 13.32.jpg



Photo Credit: Keanu Jang


Photo Credit: Keanu Jang


Photo Credit: Keanu Jang


Photo Credit: Keanu Jang


Photo Credit: Keanu Jang






2016-04-29 17.57.18.jpg

2016-04-29 17.13.19.jpg

Toronto Trip – Part 2 of 3


4th day

I struggled with getting up because my clock body hasn’t blended in Toronto time yet. I had a long conservation with Keri and Kaede while eating brunch. It was glad to know each other. They already had a plan for me. We would go to Signs Restaurant in the afternoon with their friends. I was so excited to know what it looks like and how well it goes.

We went down to Pacific Centre and Jami met us. Asian retailers at the mall sell a great deal of Asian items such as food, electronics, clothing, and many more. We were headed to Signs Restaurant after.

01IMG_0667 IMG_0687-as-Smart-Object-1

Signs Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant and bar in Toronto. It’s the first Canadian restaurant which is staffed with Deaf servers, bartenders, kitchen staff and hosts. The servers and hosts are so amazing I have ever seen. They are good at communicating with hearing customers who don’t know ASL (American Sign Language). They hire the interpreters and they provide some entertainment. The customers enjoy learning Deaf culture and ASL while they wait for their orders. It’s so interesting!
IMG_0715 IMG_0721 IMG_0722 IMG_0724 IMG_0727IMG_07282015-08-29-18.06.19

The menu book has ASL sign pictures with each food item. Hearing customers can learn signs. Unfortunately, taking photos of the menu book is prohibited.

Before we ordered food, we asked for photos if the menu book doesn’t have them. our servers showed us them with iPad. My order was Pork Belly Bahn Mi; however, the photo isn’t available. It was too bad for me. haha!

IMG_0723 02

After dinner, we just had some conversations with new friends. Two of my new friends joined and guided us to OCAD University (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design) and Kensington Market as they are artists.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that OCAD University has the amazing Notable building. I was scared if the floors were broken. haha! We realized that place was closed due to the last weekend before the school was back. Passing by it, we went to Kensington Market. There are a lot of mystery and artistic things.

IMG_0740IMG_0741 2015-08-29-20.05.342015-08-29-20.33.09 04 03 IMG_0793 IMG_0792-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_0799-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_08192015-08-29-22.29.58

5th day

We got up so early as we had to go to Niagara Falls. Just because I had a ticket that I would go to Toronto’s Festival of Colour at Woodbine Beach Park in the afternoon with Jami. Driving from Richmond Hills to Niagara Falls takes up to 2 hours. It depends on the traffic. Once we arrived there, we took a walk to Downtown Niagara Falls and then going to see the falls. It was the magnificent view I have ever had in my life. However, I could barely walk close to the falls since it was the hottest day. Next time, I can visit again.

01IMG_0847 IMG_0845 IMG_0849 IMG_0857

After the falls, Keade dropped me off at North York Centre station. I went alone to Queen by subway train and met Jami. We took street bus to Woodbine.

2015-08-30-13.39.30 2015-08-30-14.02.17

After late lunch, we walked down to Woodbine Beach and looked for colourful powders in the air. It was there and the line was very long! It took about an hour and we felt toasted already. haha!

2015-08-30-15.08.202015-08-30-17.00.23 2015-08-30-17.58.32-12015-08-30-21.53.46

Throwing colourful powders was so much fun! Jami sprinkled some to my eye. It was quite painful! haha! I tried to get used to leaving my face covered with colourful powdered paints. Many stared at me while I was on my way home.

6th day

The first day I started commuting alone. It was way better to feel different without helpers. I met Jami at Flinch subway Station. We visited her aunt’s house and uncle’s. She introduced her relatives to me. After lunch, we went to Nathan Philips Square again because I wanted to see “TORONTO” during the day, instead of the night. There are two buildings – old and new City Hall. Then, going to meet Keri and Kaede at Eaton Centre.

2015-08-31-12.06.04 2015-08-31-16.00.53IMG_1023 IMG_10392015-08-31-16.17.23

Distillery District is a historic and entertainment precinct. It contains numerous cafés, restaurants, and shops housed within heritage buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery. Deaf Centre is in there; however, it is closed on Monday. Again, I would go there in the next day with other friends. I was physically exhausted because it got hotter.

IMG_1052IMG_1055 IMG_1066 IMG_1064 IMG_1074 IMG_1058 IMG_1062 IMG_1088

Toronto Trip – Part 1 of 3


Toronto was my next trip after a half year passed by. My stay was 9 days. I actually booked a flight in the last minute because I didn’t think of taking a vacation. I, of course, needed to give myself a break. I talked with my friends via Skype about sleeping over their houses. They live in Toronto and they were my tour guides. It was my first time to travel alone and sleep over a friend’s house. I used to stay in my family’s house and relatives’ whenever I was out of the town.

1st day

Flying from Vancouver to Toronto takes 4 hours and 30 minutes. I had some boring time after reading all of anime books in iPad. There is a small screen on the back of seat. I could watch any movies; however, the subtitles are not available. Therefore, watching Tomorrowland without the subtitle was pretty boring, but it killed my time for good. haha

2015-08-26 17.30.55-12015-08-26 21.29 2015-08-26 21.30

Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport is much similar to Vancouver International Airport. But the interior design is really nice.

I finally met Keri and Kaede in person for the first time. They drove me to Kaede’s house on the outskirt of Toronto. They live in Richmond Hills. But we headed to Kipling station first as I needed a day pass for the next day. It costs $11.50 CAD. I found it a bit surprised that there are the huge highways and plenty of restaurants and cafes open 24 hours. Eventually, I was hungry because of my clock body and I have even eaten dinner I ordered in the airplane. We went to Tim Horton to eat and to have a conversation.

2nd day

I started my travelling day with my friend Keri who guided me to Toronto from Richmond Hills. We walked down to Richmond Hill Centre that is the bus loop. I got VIVA ticket for $4 CAD. It is only used for the outskirt of Toronto. The VIVA bus is very interesting. There are small tables at the back.


Arriving Finch Bus Terminal in Toronto before we went to the subway. I felt being a bit irked when some Asians constantly stared at me. Because I have man bun hairstyle many men don’t have in Toronto. Their hairstyles are more like 2013 trends and business casual. They are really elegant, nevertheless.

The subway astonished me as there are no signals on cellphones, but they are available at a few stations. Some stations have WiFi. And, the subway cars are connected together by the open corridor. I couldn’t believe my eyes that those are very long!


Reaching King Station from Finch Station takes up to 20 minutes. I felt different without signal and the view through the windows. Once we got out of the subway station, I was totally overwhelmed by the tall buildings. I almost had dizziness. I observed the buildings while walking to St. Lawrence Market. Plenty of the buildings are almost full of the bricks and I have a fond of the old-fashioned bricks!

St. Lawrence Market is a public marketplace which they sells produce, livestock and many more. The building was the first official City Hall in 1899. It was then relocated to “Old City Hall” at Queen and Bay Streets.

IMG_0035IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0044 Untitled-1

I finally met my friend Jami after we met in the Philippines 2 years ago. They guided me to The Cathedral Church of St. James and George Brown College where Jami studies at. GBC has many campuses. But I just visited some.


We took a long walk to Toronto Eaton Centre, instead of subway train. We didn’t expect that there was an event called “Busker Festival” at Yonge-Dundas Square. I was lucky to be there at the event. Then, we met Kaede after her work. After Jami went home, we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I had relaxing time at a patio and then we went to see ‘TORONTO’ at Nathan Phillips Square.

Jami and I were on Skype and have been organizing a list of places until we slept around 2AM. It was crazy!

3rd day

We got up around 6:30AM. Kaede drove us to Sheppard Centre where she works at. We waited for Jami to meet us at York subway station and then we headed to High Park by train. There is another line called “Bloor-Danforth Line” that the old subway trains run. They are smaller than the ones from Youge-University Line.

Heading to High Park. It reminded me of strolling around a park in Vancouver. We went to see a garden — a large maple is full of red blooming flowers. After that, we went a cafe for lunch. It was a very long way to walk as the park is large. For the first time, I took a streetcar. It is old-fashioned and smoother. I like it so much! haha

2015-08-28-10.08 2015-08-28-102015-08-28-10.352015-08-28-10.44IMG_0342-as-Smart-Object-1-copyIMG_03832015-08-28-12.56

Getting down at Museum subway station, we went to visit Royal Ontario Museum as it has unique architectural design like Transformers. Then, going to Brookfield place through the station. The ceiling blew my mind already. The place is with Bay Wellington Tower which is a 49-storey office tower.

The streets were crowded already. We found out that they were on their way to Rogers Centre for hockey. According to my friends, if the seats in Rogers Centre are full, they will be watching the big screen at Air Canada Centre instead.

I came to see Toronto Railway Museum for a short while. Then, going to CN Tower. The ticket price is quite expensive. I wanted to see the sea of houses and buildings, though. I found it frustrated because of the fingerprints on the windows I hardly see through and the crowd.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is very fascinating! The sharks startled me when my friends pointed at them. hahaIMG_0578IMG_0581IMG_0613Untitled-32015-08-28-20.20Untitled-408-28-201508-28-20151

So, this day seemed very long and tiring to travel. And though it was so much fun!

Quarry Rock Hike


7 years ago, I have been in Deep Cove just once. It’s a very long time! I can’t recall if I noticed any restaurants and shops in there; however, I do remember my family and I went to a gelato shop and I ate grape ice cream. During cloudy cold weather, we had a chill on a wharf and watched rowing shells and a flying boat.

Quarry Rock is located at Deep Cove. It is one of the popular trails, yet the popularity is such as a roller coaster. During the busy weekends, it is just like traffic jam because of the groups of hikers and tour groups. The early morning and late afternoon are the best time as it’s less crowded.

This trail takes 2 hours to complete round trip with enjoying the nice view. It contains up-and-down steeps and stairs. It’s just easy-moderate difficulty.

IMG_9732 IMG_9740 IMG_97422015-06-20-10.57 2015-06-20-10.58 2015-06-20-11.032015-06-20-12.112015-06-20-11.11GOPR31842015-06-20-11.232015-06-20-11.28IMG_9790


Exploring in Lighthouse Park


Waiting for a long hike has ended. I have been in a few trails after Christmas. It was just for chilling and photoshoot time, though.


Lighthouse Park is a popular hike for locals and tourists. It contains steep terrains and challenging trails. Good walking shoes or hiking shoes are recommended. There are downhills and muddy trails when wet.


“Charted and named by Captain George Vancouver in 1792, Point Atkinson was an ideal geographic aid to shipping as colonial activity in the area increased. Late in the 19th century, the Government of Canada set aside 75 hectares as a lighthouse reserve, preserving the area for the park we enjoy today. The park is maintained by the Municipality, which leases it from the Department of National Defence. The park derives its name from Point Atkinson, one of Canada’s first manned lightstations. While a lighthouse has been on Point Atkinson since 1874, the current lighthouse was built in 1912, the year West Vancouver became a separate municipality. The lighthouse is a municipal landmark and can be seen from several viewpoints in the park. Old military buildings can be found near the lighthouse, remnants of the site’s military importance during World War II.”

2015-05-22-13.49.320019_6A 2015-05-22-14.03.37 2015-05-22-14.15.24

This is the viewpoint. There are more we could get.
There is a hanging sign which we don’t access the lighthouse. But in fact, one of us trespassed as I bet there is nothing dangerous. I noticed no ones around the lighthouse. Oh, lovely houses! Unfortunately, no pictures. It’s too bad.

0020_5AGOPR3122 2015-05-22-14.34.47

We found a bunker next to the lighthouse. I saw a big hole at the end of the fence. We climbed up throught there. It was so awesome!

GOPR31382015-05-22-14.44.39 0021_4A 0023_2A 2015-05-22-14.50.252015-05-22-15.12.09 0024_1A 0025_0A 0026_00A 2015-05-22-15.15.50 2015-05-22-15.27.00-1

Then, it was time to leave for home. I guess we will probably come to hike in some trails and try to get the cliffs and shores other than the ones we have been.




Since I have been waiting for a holiday (Victoria Day), the long weekend finally come! I was excited about going on a road trip to Seattle with my buddies. Going to Canada and US border was the first time I had. I brought my passport, US cash, DSLR camera and especially a disposable camera (yay!).

Here are the pictures from iPhone 6, DSLR and disposable cameras. These are cool, though.2015-05-17 11.10.35-1

We have been stuck in traffic for an hour due to the long line. I was a bit worried about interviews. However, the questions are simpler than I thought. It’s just about where & why we want to go, how much US cash we have, and illegal items such as plants and alcohols. The answers went well.

IMG_95260001_25A 0002_24A 0003_23A

After a long way, we finally arrived at Seattle Premium Outlets. It is a large shopping mall. I thought we would go to Seattle but I was wrong. I didn’t know anything about Seattle. It’s far away from the mall. I bet we seemed to have no time to go there after.


Shopping all day. It was so exhausting. I wish I could take more pictures in the mall, yet I was busy shopping. haha! We went to Walmart. Some of my buddies bought something and we just had a chill in McDonald.

0007_19A 0008_18A

It was time to head back to home. Playing some pictures killed our boredem.0009_17A 0010_16A 0011_15A 0012_14A 0013_13A0014_12AIMG_95422015-05-17 20.42.49-20016_10A