The Cinematic Photographs of 2017


It’s time to say goodbye to 2017. I can’t believe how much I spent time in the year. So, there is something different I found out since I got new toys — camera, phone, and lens. My new skill has been discovered. I recently notice that I produced photos which seemingly comes from films. I capture what I see while I am on the run. I don’t actually check the pictures after. See a good scene unexpectedly, pick up my phone, open the camera, shoot, turn off the screen and put the phone in my pocket. That’s all. It’s a miracle.

IMG_9344IMG_9502-EditIMG_9578IMG_9755-22017-04-16 18.02.16IMG_0593IMG_0634IMG_0663IMG_0675-2IMG_0678IMG_0696-2IMG_0821IMG_0953IMG_1214-3IMG_1381IMG_1456-22017-04-25 18.57.02IMG_1807IMG_1973IMG_2093-3IMG_2110-3IMG_2232-3IMG_2543IMG_2898IMG_3010IMG_3025IMG_3103IMG_40232017-08-09 16.00.422017-09-16 16.43.042017-10-29 12.09.10IMG_5347IMG_5595IMG_5673

Flying Alone

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I booked a flight to Austin, Texas on December 18, 2014 until January 3, 2015. For the first time, I rode in the airplane without my family. It’s good for gaining experiences and improving independence.

Of course, I went to the Philippines with my father in 2013 and I was the one who was responsible for helping him, such as offering him a seat, asking him what airline meal he wanted, etc. I learned some. However, it was not enough for me as he talked to somebody to help us and I missed something.

With my sister, we went to Hawaii in Summer 2014. She was way too fast to get tickets and to arrive the gates. I missed something and got many distractions as she tapped my shoulder all the time.

How did I feel while I travelled alone? I guess I felt much better without my family as I am focused and alert. I like to figure out on my own. I don’t care if the workers at the airport are awkward whenever I said I am Deaf. It helps them to know and to do their best. I can use gestures, anyway. Was everything fine when I arrived Texas from Vancouver? Yes, it was all good. No problem!

It’s about hearing aids. Some Deaf people don’t need hearing aids and they can use gestures and write forth and back. As for me, I wear them even though I don’t understand what they say. In fact, I didn’t want to wear them due to the noise, yet I have to. For the reason, I want to be alert whenever the announcements appear. The flight attendants notice my hearing aid and they use gestures and write a note for me. It’s nice of them.